Oh John McDonnell… Liam Byrne? Really?

23 May 2019
John McDonnell MP
House of Commons

Dear John

West Midlands Mayor

We wish to raise a matter of concern- your support for Mr Liam Byrne as a possible Labour candidate for the West Midlands Mayor in advance of any timetable being disseminated for the selection.

Mr Byrne is the founder of Progress, whose austerity-based politics were responsible for the significant loss of popularity of the Party which led to the 2015 Election loss and the collapse of Party support in Scotland.

His attacks on socialist principles are many. I attach a report on his views on cutting social care.

I also attach reports on his defence of his racist immigration policies:


There are many more examples. He is unrepentant, judging by his statements that solutions to homelessness and hunger are charity and food banks, rather than reversal of austerity

At the 2017 Mayoral election, Mr Byrne was the main architect of Mr Simon’s campaign. Mr Simon stood on similar policies to those advocated by Mr Byrne and achieved a far lower vote share than achieved by the socialist 2017‘For the Many ‘ manifesto, which achieved the largest swing to Labour since 1945.

It is only with a candidate who advocates the popular anti austerity policies of the Party under Jeremy Corbyn that we stand a realistic chance of winning the Mayor election, end austerity and begin to regenerate the Region in the interests of the Many.

We are unaware of any consultation with the Left in the West Midlands before making your statement. This is not in accordance with socialist democracy.

We ask you to reconsider your support for Mr Byrne and instead endorse a local socialist candidate who enjoys the support of the regional Movement.

In solidarity
Birmingham Momentum


Link to original statement https://momentumbham.wordpress.com/2019/05/28/metro-mayor-statement/

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